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Post about nothing really. I’ve been knee deep in excrement spewed at me through the series of lectures I haven’t been to all semester and to top it off my head fucking hurts. I keep telling myself that I only have one more week of study left but it might as well be next year because this shit don’t seem to stop. It’s all in the name of progress and knowledge I guess. I can’t help but think about how ridiculously retarded I’m going to get when these exams finish, though. I have a holiday of books, drinking, movies, drinking and then a little more drinking. Sounds great doesn’t it?

Well, while get’n my drink and novel on I’m going to be trying to climb as well. Not climb as in climb a tree but climb as in rock climbing. Aside from sci-fi and science my hobby, if you can call it that, is climbing. It’s the most exhilarating thing you can do, in my opinion. Imagine a sport that has you thinking strategically against mother natures own obstacles while trying to deal with the massive amounts of adrenaline and muscle failure that are hammering your body, it’s insane. Which brings me to my question (for anyone bored enough to answer).

What activities, sport wise, do you do to keep (in)sane?



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