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Antimatter; Now Coming To You In Non Fiction

Captain Kirk

It was what Captain Kirk used to power the Enterprise from system to system but this fickle substance has eluded scientists for decades, annihilating itself as soon as it came into contact with matter.

Antimatter has today been successfully contained long enough to study its properties. Experiments at CERN have led to the suspension of antimatter for 1000 seconds or 16 minutes. While this breakthrough is quite huge in the physics world don’t be expecting any interstellar travel. Physicists at CERN have said that if they were to annihilate all the antimatter they have ever made it would only be enough to power a light bulb for a few minutes. It’s not all doom and gloom though as scientists will now be able to piece together why matter has become dominant within the universe and maybe even unlock some of its mysteries (i.e. how it came into existence).


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To Start Us Off… The Almighty Thor

Thor's Helmet

With the new Hollywood blockbuster in cinemas I thought I’d chuck in something slightly related but just as cool. Yep, it’s the NGC 2359 nebula better know as “Thor’s Helmet”. It spans 30 light years across and sits 15,000 light years away from us and it just happens to be the most awesome thing out in space, aside from aliens.

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