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Considering my hermit-like behaviour these past few weeks you’d probably forgive me for not knowing about the new Star Trek movie that is going to be released next year some time during the American summer… FUCK YES! I say. I just hope to god they don’t butcher the thing, like they have obviously done for the prequel to “The Thing”. I have read both positive and negative thoughts for the upcoming film which is to be expected with such a diverse fan base, but the one underlying anticipation is whether or not the movie will target Trekkies or aim for the general public like it did for the 2009 film. I’m guessing it’ll be the latter, but who cares. It has been so long since anyone had gotten a Trek movie right that it was a refreshing feeling to sit down and watch one that was well written and action-packed. If I have to sacrifice a little fan knowledge for a winning formula then so be it. I just hope Hollywood doesn’t screw it up this time around.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Star Trek film?

Who do you think will be the villain(s) this time around?



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8 responses to “Film It

  1. Perhaps I’m stepping on some toes, I desperately hope that the villain is better than Nero — probably one of the worst ever Star Trek villains, I mean, he’s motivated by the murder of his wife, i.e. the most basic revenge narrative ever penned (Shinzon was a better villain for goodness sake — haha) — argh. Everything else about the film was fine, besides the horribly boring Nero. Alas… So, in answer to your question, I desperately hope the villain is better than Nero.

    • NOOOO! I thought Nero was great. I’m with you on the revenge thing though – dead wife does not = dead planet. I just put it down to Nero being a psychopath. I have always loved the Romulans as the bad guys and I was pretty happy to see them make an appearance (Shinzon being the exception). I wouldn’t mind seeing the Gorn or the Jem’Hadar next but I’m scared what Hollywood will do to them so I’d settle for the Cardassians.

  2. BUT, he’s not a Romulan really (he acts completely different — Romulans are sneaky, manipulative, etc) — that irked the crud out of me as well…. I hated Nero. I don’t want simplistic psychopath enemies … Shinzon was better. I’m not sure about the Gorn. I mean, they weren’t exactly developed.

    The Cardassians are my favorite — DS9 solidified that for sure — they’re well-rounded (well, Gul Dukat) and have real reasons to dislike the Federation…

    • Haha, ok, ok. We’ll have to agree to disagree but you’ve swayed me… a little… not much 0_o. Cardassians with some good writers behind them could make for a great movie. (maybe some stronger motives this time?)

      What about Klingons?

  3. I do like Klingons — I do wonder about how their society exactly works, who produces things? Who makes food? tehehe….

  4. Or Herzog, “the Klingon, by nature is against nature, eschewing the more refined nature concerning crafts to engages in relentless destruction of their natural habitat and the destruction of anything that moves within that habitat.” hahaha

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